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I feel like continuing a story.... [11 Jan 2007|07:52pm]
[ mood | weeee ]

The Adventures of Hugh G. Rection continued.......

Hugh sat impatiently since no nibble taking place.  The slow rocking of the boat reminded him of a younger, much simpler time when his mother used to rock him to sleep as he chugged the nutricious breast milk his mother found on the side of the road.  And how every night she would read him the same story about a dolphin with feet and walked around the streats of Miami looking for some sweedish fish.  It was his favorite story in the world.  Hugh smiled at the remembrance of the distant memory.  Nostalgic and lonely Hugh drifted off to sleep.  In little time he found himself ingorged in a wonderful sea adventure.  Just like he had always dreamed of.  The colors were briliant, with more climax then Jennifer Degl on a Saturday night.  He examined his surroundings, as he saw open sea galore and a beautiful sunrise over the horizon.  He looked aboard his boat and saw tens of thousands of fish he had already caught.  He felt as if he had just won a fibiillionzillion dollars.  He went to set his rod back in the water when suddenly he heard a faint noise coming from behind him.  Then the noise got louder ...and louder and louder until suddenly "BEEP!" Hugh turned around "wtf??" he looked at the distraction.  He caught a glance but did not fully understand what it was.  He started to squint until the object came into focus.  He suddenly realized it was his old pal Dick the semen seaman!  "Dick!" he shouted.  Dick smiled and waved.  He pulled his boat up next to Hugh and shook Hugh's hand.  They began to remenice on the past times and old memoirs.  They laughed and laughed until they cried.  Then suddenly Dick heard a noise and shushed Hugh with a finger indicating one second.  Hugh asked blankly "....what?" and Dick pointed north.  Hugh turned around and couldn't believe his eyes.  He squinted a little more but was still aghast at the sight, for less then 50 yards away was a 20 ft long 5 ton Sperm whale juggling tennis balls.  Dick and Hugh just stared ....They watched the whale for a good 10 minutes until the whale caught glimpse of them and dropped his tennis balls into the water.  The whale shouted "my balls!"  Then Dick and Hugh got nervous.  The whale looked very angry.  He marched swam over to the boats at tremendous speed.  Hugh and Dick were frightened.  When the whale aproached Hugh cringed.  "Have you any balls?" the whale asked.  Hugh looked at Dick.  "I have a few!" said Dick.  "Great" said the whale i keep losing mine or breaking them.  Sometimes i even just squeeze them too hard and they explode.  "thats too bad" said Hugh.  Dick reached into his sack and pulled out three balls.  He handed them to the Sperm whale.  The whale thanked him and swam away.  "that was close" said Hugh "i thought we were done for."  Dick and Hugh just laughed....until suddenly Hugh felt a shudder and quickly woke up.  He shook his head out of his sleep state and asked himself the time.  He looked around for a clock but of course did not find one.  He looked at his dog Perkins who gave him the finger and looked away.  Hugh figured it was just too slow of a day to catch any fish.  So he took his rod out of the water and rowed home.  When he arrived at his house, he noticed two cars in his driveway.  Now who could that be?  He walked through the front door and noticed the floor was all wet.  He made a constipated face.  Then he walked into the kitchen when he saw his wife carolyn with his good friend Dick!  Hugh asked "Dick? what are you doing here?"  Dick and Carolyn looked at each other.  Then Dick proceded to tell Hugh a whole story about how Dick ran into Carolyn at walmart and they looked at milk jugs together.  Then she invited him over for dinner but on the way home he saw a blonde sweedish woman in the street lying on the pavement smoking a ciggarette.  So Dick swerved out of the way and flew off a bridge and into the water.  Hugh laughed at the humorous story.  Then they all laughed together and smiled.  After a few hours of laughing Carolyn asked "where's Perkins?"  Hugh thought for a few seconds.  Then gasped, oh shit ..i life her on the boat!  Carolyn made an erect face.  "You dumb shit!!!"

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Hugh G. Rection continued... [09 Nov 2006|08:04pm]
[ mood | ring ]

                                                         The Adventures of Hugh G. Rection
Once upon a time in the small shady town of Mahopac (mah-HOE-pack), Hugh G. Rection went on his weekly fishing trip in ol' Lake Mahopac (mah-HOE-pack) ...(l-AI-ke)...He put on his brand new bucket hat that he bought at a garage sale.  He loaded his boat up with supply's and told his wife Carolyn he'd be back in a few hours.  Carolyn ignored him and went to Walmart.  So Hugh got on his boat with his dog: Perkins and set sail for the open sea!  It was a quiet overcast day with an occasional breeze that didnt seem to bother Hugh.  He had strong thick legs perfect for thrust in every position and.....um.....anyway the cold didnt bother him.  He hung his rod over the side of the boat dangling in the water, just asking for a nibble.  He waited impatiently for a tug.  Anything that would fufill his desire for a good catch.


(cuz im having writers block)

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i feel like writting a story [10 Sep 2006|07:05pm]
[ mood | creative ]

The adventures of Hugh G. Rection
One fine day in the lovely town of Spread Eagle, Wisconson, a man by the name of Hugh G. Rection decided to go for a drive. He told his wife Carolyn he was going out the get cat food and left the house.  Hugh G. Rection sat in his dodge caravan and put his stick in gear.  He drove out of his neighboorhood and onto the open road.  After about a mile of driving he decided to listen to some music.  He searched threw his cd collection and came across his two favorite bands, mary tyler morphine and ancient chinese penis.  He put Mary tyler morphine in and played the first track.  He started singing along to the song.  He was so distracted from the chill beat that he didnt notice the big pussy cat that had just walked into the street.  Quckly he tried to swirve out of the way but it was too late, he had run the cat over.  He felt terrible.  He shut the car off and walked out onto the street to mourn the recently deceased.  When he got out of the car he noticed the extreme weather change and how it started to poor excessivly.  Suddenly the cats corpse started changing colors and levitating.  It rose about 6 ft. Then suddenly its eyeslids awakend and glowed bright yellow.  Slowly the mouth creeked open and everything fell silent.  After everlasting seconds of silence, a series of words left the corpses mouth.  The voice was magnificent, a mixture of sweedish and natalie donohue.  He thought to himelf "could it be?".  The corpse spoke in a strong tone "who's your teacher, who's your teacher, who's your teacher?"   Hugh replied "It is!  It is you! Your Maja Ivarsson!"  The corpse nodded slowly and remained silent.  Suddenly Hugh felt stupid he had just realized he was talking to a cat, i mean who does that?? But then he remembered his wife Carolyn had done it all the time and felt better.  Hugh sofly asked "why are you speaking threw a dead cat??"  The corpse responded "I've been trying to reach you for days, but this was the only way to accually communicate with you"  "why have you been trying to reach me?" Hugh asked.  "Well i have something very important to tell you...Hugh your going to die in an hour"  Hugh thought for a second, then finally asked "wtf, why would you know a thing like that?"  Maja replied "do you remember that day in the 7 eleven and you saw me there buying a few packs of ciggarettes?" Hugh nodded. "And then you used the bathroom?" Hugh nodded. "...I was there" Hugh nodded and then quickly shoke his head in confusment "wait you took a sample of my urin??"  "well...yes and then i tested it in my secret lab"  Hugh just stared blankly.  The corpse waited for a response but got none.  "I'm sorry Hugh" the corpse replied.  Then slowly the voice faded into the dark clouds and the corpse fell back to the road.  The dark clouds cleared up and the sun shone above him.  Hugh scratched his head and decided to try and forget about all that just happened.  He picked up the dead cat and moved it to the side of the road.  Then he got back in his car and continued driving down the street.  He turned his cd back on but instead of it being Mary tyler morphine it was The sounds, Reggie.  He covered his ears and squealed at the pain of her voice. "Why is she singing so terribly??"  The song started to skip. Hugh attempted to shut it off but it just got louder. The car sped faster down the vacant road. Then suddenly up ahead the road seemed to stop and at the end of the path was a 300 ft drop into a raging fire.  Hugh franticallly tried to stop the car but it wouldnt respond. As he neared the egde of the cliff he heard Maja Ivarsson's voice "Oh, im ready for it".  Then suddenly the car came to a hault and the road went back to normal.  Hugh was still sweating but quickly recovered and drove back down the road and went home.  When he got home he told his wife Carolyn all about it "Honey the craziest shit just happened to me, i was driving down the street when out of no where a cat appeared in the street, i ran it over and got out to mourn when the cat started levitating and talking to me ...and it told me i was gunna die in an hour and then the road was fucked up and i almost drove into a firey pit and-" Carolyn interupted him "wait so..you didnt fucking get the cat food you dumb shit?"

The End

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its been a while [07 Sep 2006|07:15pm]
[ mood | dont make me go to school :( ]

hello all,
um its been quite a long time so i guess i have a lot to talk about,
but i dont really remember so im just gunna talk about what i remember-

um lets see today was the second day of school (yesterday=first) and um...pretty much as soon as i got of the bus i was like "whens summer?"
my classes arent that horendous i just know im gunna have a shitty time first period the entire year...god damn its either health or science lab...with no body and health sounds really really gayy ..and lets see theres no one in my science class which means im gunna haffta dissect things by myself....for those of you that know im squeamish ...yeah thats gunna be a problem.

but then things get better for italian with mr. racco ...hes adorable....

and then wow global is..um...

and then 5th we gots Gym or Lunch...hmm big decision

lets see 6th period is pretty easy just english, english doesnt bother me much

7th period we gots a study hall which at least is a nice little break with friends

and then math is like jesus get me outt of here..i hateeeeee math i dont even know why but math was fine for me until 9th grade...now im like fuck numberss

You shouldnt even be reading this i have nothing to talk about....

Um i dont really know if i like school this year...i dont hate it but ugh im really not looking foward to health or science

ugh w/e its thursday which means tomorrows friday...and wait i still only have one friend right? im so gay ..hey carolyn i forgot im only talkign to you but i dont feel like finding friends on this thing when i barely use it but ugh w/e im really tired...and yeah

i know your probably laughing your ass off now cuz im so fucking funny...but try to contain yourself

lets see what marisa is saying to me right now:

danceangel12291 (7:35:17 PM): i think i shall go and make a phone call now
danceangel12291 (7:35:29 PM): i might come online l8r
danceangel12291 (7:36:18 PM): or maybe i wont idk
danceangel12291 (7:36:24 PM): ah hell ill just stay on till 8 ish...no wait im gunna sign off
sup itsz nat (7:36:55 PM): ...w/e floats your boat marisa
danceangel12291 signed off at 7:39:18 PM.

yeah and um ...

dressy bessys the shit

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August? :/ [02 Aug 2006|02:31pm]
[ mood | im gunna die :D ]

wow i just ate a yogurt, and it tasted like fucking heaven in a cup
its to hot to eat anything thats not cold
anyone agree??
-o wait a minute i only have one friend... : /
ok i forgot that means im only talking to carolyn
sup hows your moms disease?
anyway..i need more friends lemmi try to..no nvm its too hot i dont really care any way...how bout some pictures?

this would be marisa lmaoo
that would be marisa lmao


ok so anyway its hot....i ran outta yogurt but my teeth hurt : / but wow overnight everything just fixed itself my teeth are brought back in, my teeth together again,
omg they look bitchin  :DDD

be cool

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granny Mccabes casa [16 Jul 2006|11:16pm]
[ mood | just lovely ]

i wake up to find its another four asprin morning and i dive in
i wear the same cloths i wore yesterday
when did society decide that we have to change and wash a t-shirt after every individual use
if its not dirty im gunna wear it
i take the stairs to the car and theres fog on the windows
i need cafine in the bloodstream
i take cafine in the bloodstream
i grip the wheel and all at once i realize
my life has become a boring pop song and everyones singing along

-im at my grandma's house
in the basement
on my grandpa's computer cuz hes in Massachusets
blasting my ipod over the speakers
just got finished playing pool with myself (stipes won)
before i watched waking ned divine...(odd movie) (irish) (naked old men riding motercycles?) (a must see)
got pretty much everything i need down here
one eyed shitzu named oliver twist
copy machine
oh and a spinning wheel just incase i get an insane sweater sewing frenze

-wow im really itchy

-any way
i guess thats about it

-well i went bowling today
why the hell does all the bowling ally people hate people over 9
is it so difficult just to give me the fucking bumpers?
accually i got a 113 jesus
last time i got a 58 i believe
bowling with grandma..hmm..that was interesting

-my mom got her palm read by some lady at my 2nd cousins twice removed 4th birthday party"
quite frightning accually
i was listening and she was saying my mom crys a lot (very true) she has dreams about her grandmother (true) doesnt go to church (true) smart (well..) creative (um, sure) and she said something life changing was gunna happen soon...

yeah i cant really think of anything else except

i went to the childrens museam the other day .
wasnt bad i have pictures haha shut up
ya know of my on a horse
and in a giant bubble
and drawing a camel
and building an arc with blocks
and dress up (fireman, and a king like figure)
in jail
and oh one of those things you stick your head threw


made brownies today
and added some peanut butter
i bet ur shitting urselft with excitment but they were good
and um-

yeah thats it really
only a few more days left here
i made brownies today
and added some peanut butter
i bet ur shitting urselft with excitment but they were good
and um-

yeah thats it really
only a few more days left here
tuesday ill be homo   lol home

alright bye

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today [28 Jun 2006|09:35pm]
[ mood | hey, whatever! ]

i woke up late around 12:30 ...and i watched tv...and then i rented "but im a cheerleader" ..(hmmm) and then i made myself grilled cheese, and it was fantastic.  Then my brother went out...so i had some natalie time (5 or 6 hours) woo-hoo ...and then...um...dinner? i had meat..french fries and ...green..things...i know, i just cant contain myself for the excitment...brace yourself theres more, i had a cookie...............wow....
im sorry you wasted your time reading that
maybe something exciting will happen tomorrow....

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MAJAS BI?!?! [26 Jun 2006|06:10pm]
[ mood | lmao ]

ok so last night...at around 11:30 ish i gets a phone call,
hmm i wonder who i could be...

  • (vibrate)

me- hello?

carol- natalie omgg i was getting pictures of that dude from "a girl like me" and i clicked a picture on google and ya know the page that comes up when you first click the picture and theres the pic. ontop and the website it came from o the bottom??

me- um..yeah?

carol- ok well i was looking around and guess who's bi!!

me- um....(long pause) i dont know

carol- Maja Ivarsson!!!

me- ...WHAT?!?

carol- yes!!!


carol- .......


carol- ......

me- send me the link!!!

carol- kay


carol- wait...that means...your bi?!?! i didnt now you were bi?!?

me- ....ME NIETHER?!

carol- hahahahahahahaha

me- (quoting interview) "With charismatic bisexual lead singer Maja Ivarsson at the helm, they are a band with a mission on “Song With A Mission,” and The Sounds give the impression of having fun throughout, which in turn makes the listening experience more enjoyable. That spirit carries over on “Tony The Beat,” “24 Hours,” “Painted By Numbers,” “Ego,” and “Hurt You.” Even a piano ballad such as “Night After Night,” which shows another side to the band, doesn't really alter the mood much." ...hay wait...wasnt Painted by numbers your default myspace song for a few...months???

carol- shut up!! i didnt know?!?!

me- you had to have known...

carol- ok maybe a little

me- this is just too good

  • (CLICK)

so there you have it Maja Ivarsson aka ..me..is bisexual "im bleedin ac/dc you yankes!"

final thought- 
  After ellen: I noticed a lot of gay men in the audience at the show in Chicago. Are you aware of The Sounds having a queer following? 
  Maja (me):
Absolutely. We had a lot of dykes too, but it depends on what city you are in. But there are a lot of lesbians and gay boys. We have a big gay crowd. I think it's because we look good and we're not one of those sweaty, sweat pants, fat guy, pizza rock kind of bands. It's always been like that in gay culture. They're always a little bit ahead of everything.  I don't like playing “Living In America”; it's not my favorite song to sing, it's not that much fun. But when you put it in the set with eight new songs, it's a bloody good song to fit in there. It makes the audience go crazy.

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cleaned out my closet [25 Jun 2006|09:30pm]
[ mood | left out ]

                                        "said im sorry mama..i never ment to hurt you oo oo "

    Today i cleaned out my closet (not metaphorically) there was a lot of crazy shit in there....and i lost my hair brush.. : / ...but its clean as shit now..i can sit in there now..
   Today i went out in the pourin rain cuz it was crazy as hell...effin monsoon out der so izz went out and my mama she saw me and tells me i look like i belong in a wet tshirt contest and takes a picture... so then i was soaking wet and got a towel
   Yesterday, my daddy died his hair blonde by accident and he looked fuckin histerical omgg beach blonde hair ewwwww with red random hairs..dISGUSTING ...so today he go gets his hair cut and dyed, and it looks soooo mucho better but then he comes home and goes.. natalie look at ma feet they so perty i got a peta-cure ...i go "wtf? dad was this before or after you got your hair dyed and went out with the girls for lunch" my dads feet are nasttty...god bless the asian who touched his nasty feet.
   I had a chicken faccacia sandwhich for dinner tonight...delicious...mmmm...and as an appetizer some chips and salsa...
   I'm so effing pissed right now cuz i wanna watch "a girl like me" the lifetime movie about a little boy who wishes he were a girl...but because of our lack of common sense...we only have one tv in this house..and right now the rest of the fam is watching "Last Holiday" (which was a good movie) and Carols being a pain in the ass tellin me to scream into the phone mean while i got the fam in the room next door and they already think i need help i dont needa be screamin for no reason...and she keeps hangin up on me cuz she watchin "a girl like me" too...jaysuz.  But my dad thinks that if i get cable in my room he'll never see me again...which is probably true but w/e..HE HAD CABLE WHEN HE WAS 10! its rediculous my parents are serious procrastinators "oh yeah sure we'll get T-vo" "oh yeah sure no problem ill pay you allowence" "oh no problem ill get you cable"  "oh sure oh course we'll get you that kidney you need to survive..." but nothing ever happens....(sigh)
   Although i guess i cant really complain cuz i just bought $35 tickets for Jacks Mannequin and O.A.R. at Jones Beach August 12th...goin with Sheri and its gunna be the shit...our seats are 14R row XX whatever that means ..but w/e at least we're going. I havent been to a concert since October 16th 2003 when i saw Good Charlotte that was AMAZING like woah...so im gunna stock up on t-shirts and fan like stuff and maybe get a new digital cam. cuz mine sucks..I LOVE JACKS MANNEQUIN...andrew mcmahon is just too genious
   I dont know what to do with myself right now cuz carolyn hasnt called me back yet and marisa's boring me to tears ...(for example) - 

      danceangel12291 (9:20:20 PM): she wound up getting bon jovi
      sup itsz nat (9:20:40 PM): fantastic
      danceangel12291 (9:22:47 PM): oh yea
      danceangel12291 (9:22:51 PM): idk wat to talk about
      sup itsz nat (9:23:13 PM): you think about that while i go kill myself

   Yeah so thats about it really...oh except today on Youtube i found out someone considers me a hero for my Celine Dion Music Video ..i feel real special...

   Thats it
 talk to yez later (im accually liking this thing)

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new to Live Journal [25 Jun 2006|02:26am]
[ mood | passive ]

im just gunna try this thing out...im new to live journal, dont know what im doing..maybe ill like it...maybe ill never use it and forget i have it...w/e but for now its 2:20 in the morning and im on my laptop on my bed ...everyones asleep and im gettin kinda tired myself..so maybe ill start with this tommorrow and accually use it...w/e we'll see...

peace be wit chu

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